Manny S. Moszkowicz

Emanuele is a European  independent artist born in 1982. He has been working alternating the phases of his in studio abstract practices called Gratitude To The Unknown Instructors and a trans-medial number of projects where he found a first interdisciplinary relational context. Along the years he has been hosted twice at the Biennale di Venezia. Hu-Be, the sign of a floating human being, has been his artist name. Today he is 100% committed to the projects of Nomad Children Center.

Edilia Fantin

Edilia specializes in education for the 0-6 year old children.

She majored in Education and obtained her Master's Degree in Educational Sciences at Università  degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Since 2009, Edilia worked in the nurseries and preschools of Reggio Emilia, internationally reknowned for their Reggio Emilia Approch. Working as teacher, and promoted between 2017-2018 as Pedagogical Coordinator.

Her work always led her to build skills and abilities through active observation and listening to children for the realization of educational projects.

Time and experience honed her acquisition of a range of skills and abilities condusive to children cooperation. In collaboration with her partner in 2017 she realized the first project of independent pedagogical atelier "Identity of the individual: from who am I, to the realization of who we are" in northern Thailand for second-generation refugee children in Mae-Sot, near the border of Burma. This experience has been a game changer in her educational vision and led her to broaden her educational and professional experience.

The Nomad Children Center started with the commitment to the idea that kids going through early trauma can find the tools to regain confidence and trust through the power of active listening, imagination, art and a steady focus to improvement.

What we do today as a small association is to add new bricks of language to our approach in every environment we visit so as to broaden our understanding and fill of trust the life of kids and young adults that are seeking what most of us gave for granted in our very early life.


(2)The Mae Sot Project