There is no prescribed recipe in the field, so we shape each project according to the location and present-day conditions.

Kids deserve to embark on life in an environment that bolsters their self esteem, through kindness and creativity, and through connective activities between each other and trust towards adults.

We believe that a traumatized child who survived homelessness, war, racial or religious conflicts, sexual exploitation and slavery, deserves to regain trust through our dedicated support of art and pedagogy.

In the summer of 2017, we initiated our first project for this to happen in collaboration with Kickstart Art and The Children Development Center in Mae Sot, in the north west of Thailand, just a few miles from Burma.

The benefits of our projects are met through long and short goals.

Our aim is to create a dynamically replicable clear, simple, feasible format that enables support while stimulating creativity towards discovery and acceptance of their selves.

With a guided enhancement of possibilities towards the development of their self-esteem and both external and internal recognition of their own value the children will be able to form relationships based on trust and acceptance.

On the long run, not at our present capacity, what we wish to do is to train to the NCC method local adults too to continue valuing the children of the community and fostering their positions. This training to adults in the vicinity will further our efforts by maintaining an active vibrant method for this and the future generations.

This way, in addition to children aware of their human value, we will have trained adults who will start a working path of professional and personal development.


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