This temporary project created by Neon APS and SD Factory was about painting fronte-retro a billboard along the ring of the city. Some selected artists were put recruited for this project. As the pandemic took the main spot of relevance by the media networks, the refugees news were almost muted. The billboard given to Hu-Be was in front of a red light where cars were obligated to stop. It came natural then to develop the project Islands.

What you are looking at is a map, almost an orthogonal projection. There are many islands if you want. On the surface emerges what we are often able to observe in an exclusive way, dominated by the partial and finite way in which we need to simplify phenomenas, our life, the life of others. Below the surface you can see that each of these islands is connected. It does not float on the surface of the sea but is intrinsically part of a vast interconnection.

In this society, every person is an island. You are an island, I am an island, we are islands. What we don't see is that we are connected under the sea. It is what we do not see that makes us feel separate. We decide to recognize ourselves as singularities and recognize each other as a different, distant entity. The way we were educated, the way we learned to live and relate to things, has confused our ability to clearly recognize each other as interconnected beings, interlocked in the depth of our being.

To coexist in our partial ability to observe the phenomena up to where the sea touches our coast, we managed to give a name to the things we see, simplifying them, thinning them to an understandable category, harmless material reduced to a pattern to define us and others. You are an island, I am an island, we are islands. I, you. As Haraway explains, however, we are "mortal creatures intertwined in myriads of unfinished configurations of places, times, materials, meanings".

We must therefore match the ability to see us and to see the people around us not until our coast and to the exploration of what is easier to observe and to which we can attach a name, but to go deeper than our beaches, our cliffs and see what we are part of under the water until we see the point where you and I are connected, you and I are one.