The Nomad Children Center was founded in Paris at the end of last year to foster projects of art and pedagogy in the contemporary world.

In recent months we have been working on a large workshop that we decided to postpone because of the current global pandemic. What seems important to us in these days, by observing our limited domestic environments as we are forced to live in them everywhere in the world, is to respond to our human condition with a project for kids that is stimulating enough to grant them a great escape through learning. Where then, in this moment, but towards space and other planets?

Hu-Be, one of the founders of the Nomad Children Center, created a writing contest for children. At first he thought only to alleviate the boredom of the kids of his hometown. Now, given the pandemic in progress, with the help of the Nomad Children Center, it has been opened to participants from every nation from 7 to 12 years old. There are five prizes: five of Hu-Be’s Art Toys from the Hubeverse series! (more details about the Hubeverse below).

This is the first collection of  the Hubeverse:

So: If you do have kids that love science fiction this contest is for Them!

It is a galaxy-themed writing contest for children. We aim to keep their mental energies busy and squeeze out the creativity that they cannot unload in the park with their friends. By doing this we are trying to reduce Your despair for the natural vernal vitality of these quarantined weeks.


Dear kids, the world is yours and it is always out there.
Everyone knows it is a bummer that we must all stay at home now. Soon you will go back to your beloved parks to play outdoors with your friends, I promise. These are not things that happen every day. Even for us adults it is the first time and we are having this experience together, every one of us, with you.

There are other changes you may have noticed from the window too. The air, the air we breathe for example. It is lighter, it looks really different from the one you knew heading to school in the morning. The fewer the cars the nicer to breathe! Before I almost held my breath. Now I breathe deeply. And the light! Have you seen by chance how it has changed? The colors of things, of the trees, everything seems clearer, as if a very thin sheet of paper had gone away from our cities.

The world out there is waiting for You! Be ready. Have faith.
But in the meantime there is another thing waiting for you. Who knows what I’m talking about? Exactly! Space!

My name is Hu-Be and I do many things. Some that are theoretically prohibited, such as drawing on walls. Some almost nobody understands, like my paintings. And other things nobody, really nobody, not even I, can understand. One of these is the  Hubeverse: my collection of alien art toys.

I started creating the Hubeverse after meeting one of these Hu-Be aliens.
He was passing by briefly with his friends in my neighborhood. He called me primitive (Ha! Primitive to me!) And he told me that there are many life forms like ours on planets scattered among different stars and galaxies. I wanted to talk more, but they were just passing through and just as they arrived they took some books from the public library and put some of our city trash in their spacecraft engine, and then left.

Now I want to know more about these beings, these creatures and their worlds. Maybe you know something about it? I bet you do! Tell me how you imagine a planet far from ours and its creatures. Use our planet as an example. We have a sun that is large and insanely bright. What if somewhere out there is a planet like ours but with a smaller sun? Or shaped like an orange slice? And if there were three orange shaped slices of sun around that planet, what would happen? Would animals on that planet have three noses? Or a single nose and three eyes? Help yourself with a search engine on your family computer and take notes until you think you can tell in a maximum of eight pages (or four pages, front and back). Type it or write it neatly by hand, and not as doctors write medical prescriptions! How could this crazy planet of yours be?

Don’t You already feel like becoming a space explorer?

The best five, divided into categories, my dear extraordinary friends, will win an original Hu-Be made by me! So when someone will see it asking “but ... what the heck is this?", You might proudly answer "HA! You can’t understand it comes from a journey to space! I went during the quarantine”

: )

You have time until May 1 and remember… I want to see some commitment!
Good luck and may the best story win!

End of message for children. Message exclusively for parents:


- Please submit your entry to this email address:
- Attach your child’s story to the email. Use pictures of handwritten entries or MSWord / Adobe PDF of typed entries.
- Entries MUST be received before 23:59, Italian Time (GMT+2) on 1 May, 2020.
 - This is the best and most fun way, I hope, to occupy your children for days and days in this endless and exhausting time at home.

To find out more about me and the Hubeverse, this is my site:

One last thing: don't cheat. I said that the competition is only for boys and girls aged 7 to 12 years old. I will only hand the prize over to a child. Don't steal a Hu-Be from a child.

Details about the Hubeverse series.

It is a sequence of figurines created by Hu-Be; they come in three different sizes, and each is uniquely hand painted on wood with acrylic paint. The story of the art toys is available here; you can see the first series painted on wood here; they are also available online  here)