Art and pedagogy combined are a wonder to behold.

We aim to remove invisible barriers and foster integration for fragile youth in the context of their new land.

We believe in the right to a safe and inspiring childhood. In the healing dimension of art and pedagogy and through that in the affirmation of the child sense of belonging in a new land.

This does not happen in the overwhelming isolation in refugee camps and the unwelcoming local stigma but in an active valorization of the two available positive factors in dialogue: new young citizens and the institutions collaborating as peers on a contemporary cultural stage.

Respecting the cultures involved, we try to build a bridge with the most powerful and available tool we know: the imaginative resources of the child.

This to bring to the city an exhibition for the whole community where indifference turns into curiosity and hate shifts into hope.

(2)The Mae Sot Project


(4)Who We Are